Pilot for Serial

I... I... Yo... Mrs.Chari !

20 min, Hindi

I… I… YO… Mrs.Chari !

Mrs. Chari, an attractive South Indian woman, in her 40s, with typical middle-class values stays in Matunga. Mrs.Chari is sexy, but innocent of her charms… men fall for her, and she has a hard time keeping them at bay. She is more worried about her daughters : Kaveri and Kavitha. Kaveri is shy, introverted and disciplined, Kavitha is wild and whacky. Although Kaveri is more attractive, Kavitha carries herself better.

Mrs.Chari is a strict disciplinarian, ruling the house with an iron hand - she has to, considering that she is a single woman living alone with two growing up daughters, one who is ready for marriage - the only problem being, every groom who comes to see the daughter falls for the mother… it is not just the groom, but at times even the groom's father !!

Where is Mrs.Chari's husband ? It is a closely guarded secret and Mrs.Chari is totally tightlipped about it. Is she a widow, a divorcee - nobody knows.

Mrs.Chari manages her house by making papads, spices and masala…. She is a small little enterpreuner in her own right… but now with the growing demands of the growing daughters, Mrs.Chari is facing a little strain on her economy… and to add to all this, a new guest is arriving into the household - her sister-in-law !

Thangamma, lands up bag and baggage from Madurai to make life miserable for Mrs.Chari ! On the face of it, Thangamma is a pious spinster , but she has a major fascination for all the luxuries in life… She wants satin cushions, velvet bedcovers, cold creams, face scrubs, etc… she wants to look young even at her age ! Mrs.Chari thinks that she has to endure her sister-in-law for a few days, but Thangamma announces : I am staying here forever !!

Mrs.Chari and Thangamma are completely at loggerheads and one is always trying to outwit the other… It is usually Thangamma and the two daughters on one side and Mrs.Chari on the other ! But it is always Mrs.Chari who wins !

A lot of hilarious incidents happen as Mrs.Chari and Thangamma lock horns and fight it out for control and supremacy at home.

There is also crisis at home - financial crisis ! Due to Thangamma's growing demands of television and other fancy items, the family look for alternatives to augment the income - from holding Bharatnatyam classes to having paying guests. The first is a complete disaster as only men join the classes so that they can come close to Mrs.Chari and win her heart. The idea of the paying guest also falls flat becoz Kaveri tries to smuggle in her boyfriend and is caught. Now they are only looking for female paying guest which again ends in a hilarious mishap when Malaika, a sexy upcoming star turns the entire house topsy turvy with her modern freakish ideas !

Once Mrs.Chari is participating in the annual cookery contest that is being held at Bittu's dhabha… Mrs.Chari's south-indian speciality beats Thangamma's pizza plans hollow.. Mrs.Chari not only wins the prize also is spotted by a producer who thinks that she would be the ideal host for a cookery show ! He offers her on-the-spot signing amount ! wow ! But hold on..

The producer insists that Mrs.Chari should undergo an 'image change' ! She is too south-indian… she has to look like the housewife of today ! And she has to develop fluency, style and panache ! Mrs.Chari is reluctant. Even her daughters say that Mrs.Chari is far more charming the way she is considering that so many boys and men fall for her every day. Scheming Thangamma whispers to the daughters that Mrs.Chari's change perhaps will be beneficial to them since Mrs.Chari's modern look might not be so appealing which would help the daughters in getting married.

Now begins Mrs.Chari's grooming and styling…. changing from the traditional Mrs.Meenakshi Chari to Ms.Meenu ! Thangamma and Kaveri are completely psyched ! Ms.Meenu emerges as a woman of today - stylish and sexy !

The cookery show is a big hit ! Men start falling for her like nine pins… Her fan mail comes by the sackful ! And then suddenly comes one important letter -

…. From Mrs.Chari's husband !

So what will happen further - obviously more complications and comic situations as Mr.Chari wants her back, not as Mrs.Chari but as Ms.Meenu ! What will Mrs.Chari do… as everybody now chant : I…I… YO… Mrs.Chari !