Kahani Jurrm Ki

Star Plus
Stories of 2 episodes - Dramatization of real-life crimes, 22 min, Hindi
Produced by MidiTech Ltd.

Stories directed by Sridhar Rangayan:

The Cupboard    (written by Sridhar & Saagar Gupta)
Agwaah    (written by Sridhar & Saagar Gupta)

The Cupboard

A con man Bijlani who disguises himself as a sadhu is vying for a plot of land and he is ready to kill for it.

His kink - he buries women alive inside a cupboard. Juhi who returns from US is unaware that her mother is dying inside the cupboard under the very ground even as she walks over it. The sadhu is now after Juhi's life…
Will the Sadhu bury Juhi too inside the cupboard - alive?

Featuring :
Shishir Sharma, Neelanjana, Bakul Thacker, Neha Bam


A look into the call girl racket - An innocent teenager falls under the seduction of a call girl who kidnaps him for a ransom. What she didn't bargain for was that the youth's father is a dreaded underworld don - who is ready to spill blood to rescue his son.
The thorn in the don's way is actually his own son who is madly in love with the call girl. A cat and mouse game with racy adventure.

Featuring :
Tom Alter, Payal Nair, Vishal Thakkar