Pilot for Serial

Kyon Tiger

Stories of 2 episodes
20 min, Hindi

Each story covers one adventure of the children.

Four children in a small town take on social causes and fight for justice, but in their own way of fun and pranks.


Age - around 13
He is tall and psychically strong.
Should look like a small town guy.
He is a regular charmer sort of a boy everyone loves to love.
Should have leadership qualities.
On his face value he should come across as a very confident and reliable boy to whom people naturally divulge information.
He can be counted on to think up a plan for getting out of every tricky situation.

Throughout the stories, Tiger often assumes the role of the "responsible adult" and always succeeds in winning adults over with his "very grown-up manner."

When Tiger grows up, he wants a career in the Air Force.


Age - around 12
She is the quintessential tomboy who insists on being treated as a boy and called by the name of Raju (call her by her proper name, Rajeshwari, and chances are she won't even answer you!). She has quite a temper and is especially riled when treated like a girl.

Lively and wiry, she's a very good swimmer and good at all sports. Whether it is playing marbles or cricket she excels at all sorts of boy things.

Ready to accept challenges…she is a fighter.
At first, Raju can seem rude and difficult, but deep down she is kind-hearted and loyal. Once a friend, always a friend.

She has a secret passion for old Hindi film songs and is good at whistling.
Once, when she is caught humming an old passionate tune, she is teased so much that she decides to teach herself to whistle instead.
One thing she hates about herself is her revulsion for spiders and other creepy crawlies. This puts her somewhat at a minority with the boys who think nothing of picking up a bug on the palms of their hands. She'd rather die than have them find out, so she periodically schools herself into touching some unsuspecting creature going about its own business.


Age- around 10
An amiable and sensitive boy of medium build.
He openly hero-worships Tiger.
He is not really a studious type but very observant by nature. In fact he is a human factoid with a capacity to store all sorts of trivia, facts and figures. However, he is quite unable to use this knowledge in recognizing a trick when it is played on him.

Since he is the youngest he is often used as the guinea pig for the gang's experiments or as the fall guy for their tricks.
He always carries biscuits on his person- the only thing he hates to share. An assault on his 'biscuit-treasure' can shatter his amiable, likable personality.


Age - around 13
Born and brought up in Mumbai.
He has come to this small town (which is the main backdrop of our story) because of his father's transfer as the District Commissioner there.
He is quiet and modest.
Quite the young scientist, he also has a knack for designing and building all sorts of things.
He comes across as a brainy kid with an eagerness to learn new things.
He loves cricket as much as he loves playing chess.
Mohit is also very reliable and brave.


Age - around 11
Minnie is the younger sister of Mohit.
The little 11-year-old Miss. She is irritatingly girlish in her ways with her flounces and ribbons and bangles and curls. Minnie loves everything to be neat, tidy and organised.
She comes across as a pampered metro kid who is reluctantly trying to adjust herself in the settings of this small town where her District Commissioner father got transferred.
She is talkative and has a cunningly street smart habit of shamelessly eavesdropping on adult conversations.

Like Raju, she likes Hindi film songs, but only the very latest. A lot of her affectations are picked up from the movies- like fainting. Minnie faints whenever she is confronted with something she thinks is 'unlady like'.

Minnie often gives the impression of being shy and timid, and would rather have a pleasant holiday on the beach than a thrilling adventure, but when an adventure comes along she makes sure she doesn't miss a thing!