Madhur Milan

ETV Hindi
120 min, Hindi
Produced by Indian Production House

Written by: Ranjit Kapur

A famous writer of thriller novels hates romance while his diabolically opposite aunt is a famous romantic novelist. When his aunt bequeaths him her house and he starts writing his thriller, somehow the entire story changes… a girl comes into his life and he falls in love.

Fiction merges with real life to create a bizarre series of events that is comical as well as chilling… There is a philosophy behind it as well.


Featuring :
Ayub Khan, Juhi Parmar, Benjamin Gilani, Vijju Khote, Uttara Bhavkar, Jaydutt Vyas


Song from the telefilm Madhur Milan (2002) for ETV Hindi. Directed by Sridhar Rangayan, starring Ayub Khan, Juhi Parmar, Benjamin Gilani, Uttara Baokar, etc.

It is about an author of suspense thrillers who hates romance till a girl walks into his life. This parody of a super mushy song is what he imagines in his dream and gets totally disgusted when he wakes up!