Star One

A TV Serial by Sridhar Rangayan


Get set to sail on an exciting journey of romance,
fun, frolic, humour and drama -
on a luxury cruiseliner off Singapore & Malaysia.

Avinash’s mother Mrs.Mehrotra and Minakshi’s father Mr.Pillai have vowed that they will
get Avinash and Minakshi to fall in love, come what may. A tarot card reader predicts that the ‘cosmic union’ can only happen where water and iron are compatible!

But will the boy and girl fall in love? Will the ‘cosmic union’ happen?
To put the best laid plans to waste is a sexy seductress Rita and a rake Manav
as well as a group of 12 other tourists on the cruise who have their own take on love.
See the drama unfold every week in this new exciting TV series on Star One.

‘Pyar Ki Kashti Mein’ - an entertaining experience !

War at Sea !!  

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