Star One

A TV Serial by Sridhar Rangayan


Episodic Synopsis

Episode 1

Mysterious ambience of a tarot card reader - flapping curtains, candles, flowers, incense. Maya, the tarot card reader (Suchitra Pillai) predicts that only a place where water and iron is compatible can bring Avinash and Meenakshi together. Avinash's mother Mrs.Manali Mehrotra and Meenakshi's father Mr.Eashwaran Pillai have vowed that they have to bring the two together. Finally Pillai comes up with the idea: "It is a ship - where iron doesn't sink in water!". Maya predicts that the cosmic union will happen on a luxury cruiseliner at 6pm. Manali boards the ship Superstar Virgo alongwith her husband Col.Pankaj Mehrotra and her son Avinash. But she can't find the Pillai family and is quite disturbed. She also gets upset when she sees Rita, a sexy editor of a fashion magazine, try to hook her handsome son Avi. She puts Rita in her place, much to the amusement of Rita's journo sidekick Varun. The Pillai's have boarded the ship and Yamini Pillai is quite taken up the beauty of the cruiseliner. She hopes that her husband has ideas of romance, but Eashwaran's thoughts are elsewhere. Meenakshi has an encounter with Manav, a casanova who falls for Meenakshi's beauty and charm. Eashwaran puts him in his place and drags Meenakshi away. Finally Manali spots Eashwaran and waves out to him to meet her. Also on board the ship are a funky director - choreographer duo Rohan-Abbas who are very concerned that their friend Sheetal has not got in. A newly married couple Nitin and Shilpa have won a ticket on the cruise through a 'Made-for-Each-Other' contest and pretentious Shilpa is trying to be hoity-toity demanding a first-class treatment. All this puts Ruby, the tour manager, on the edge. She also suspects an illegitimate affair between Mrs.Mehrotra and Mr.Pillai and keeps a close watch. Finally it is 6pm and time for the appointed cosmic moment.

Avinash's mobile falls down and he rushes down the steps. He collides with Meenakshi who is gazing at the sea through her binocs. Meenakshi falls into Avinash's arms; a la Gone With the Wind. Manali and Eashwaran are ecstatic. Manav and Rita are upset. The ship hoots and sails away. Avinash and Meenakshi wake up from the moment and look at each other. Both exclaim :"Tum… Tum". Avinash says he would have never boarded the ship if he had known Meenakshi is on board. She says likewise. They have a showdown and march off in opposite directions.

Episode 2

Eashwaran reprimands Meenakshi for fighting with Avinash. She tells her father that Avinash is an uncultured, arrogant guy, narrating an earlier encounter she had in India when Meenakshi went to Avinash's bank and he refuses to sponsor her cultural event. Avinash tells his mother that Meenakshi is a hot-headed, opinionated girl and he just can't stand her. Manali and Eashwaran meet secretively and wonder how to bring their warring children together so that they can fall in love. Ruby watches this encounter with great suspicion. Manav meets Avinash in the lift and intros himself. Meenakshi who is about to get into the lift sees Avinash there and walks away. Eashwaran convinces Minakshi to go to the theater and watch a movie. Manali once again thwarts Rita's attempt to get closer to Avinash. She too convinces Avinash to go to the theater. Avinash and Meenakshi have yet another argumentative fight in the theater and are psyched when they hear a voice asking them to shut up. It is Divya Sinha, the diva who is there, watching her own movie in the theater.

Episode 3

The ship is agog with the news about the captain's gal party that night. It is also announced that the made for each other couple Nitin-Shilpa will be crowned by the star Divya Sinha. Nitin tries to practice his thank-you speech and goof up badly, much to Shilpa's anger and Ruby's amusement. Rohan-Abbas are penniless because their financer Sheetal has not boarded the ship and they plead with Ruby to give them a job. She gives them the guestlist and entrusts them to arrange the nameplates on the tables. Just as they are on the job, Varun comes there and bribes them to switch tables so that he and Rita can sit with Divya Sinha. Manav comes and bribes them again to put him and Meenakshi next to each other. Even before Manav leaves, Manali and Eashwaran reach there and bribe Rohan-Abbas to put the Mehrotras and Pillai's together so that Avinash and Meenakshi can sit next to each other! Greedy Rohan is thrilled with all the money they make, but Abbas is skeptical. Rita is on the prowl and spots Avinash alone, she asks him seductively to select a dress foe the party. Manali and eashwaran see this from the upper deck and pour a bucket of water on Rita's dress. But Avinash promises Rita that he will get her dress laundered and ready by night. Even as the Mehrotra's are getting ready, Rita's laundered dress is delivered to Avinash's cabin, which Manali promptly hides. Ruby is aghast at all the switching of tables Rohan and Abbas have done and is gunning for them. Varun impatiently waits for Rita and Divya; Manav is fuming that his table has been switched again. Nitin desperately mugs up his lines. The Mehrotras and Pillai's meet at the table. Manali and Eashwaran are introduced, as if meeting for the first time, which makes Ruby more suspicious. Avinash comes to his table and realizes that he has to sit next to Meenakshi. He refuses. Meenakshi also gets up and is about to walk away. But the parents intervene and they are forced to sit next top each other.

Episode 4

Rohan and Abbas come fearfully and inform Ruby that Divya Sinha is not coming. Ruby fumes at them, but puts on a smile and makes the announcement that Divya is not coming. All are disappointed. Ruby invites Yamini and Eashwarn to do the honours. Nitin and Shilpa are crowned, but Nitin makes a complete ass of himself goofing up completely on his thank-you speech. All are amused, Shilpa frets. Ruby invites all onto the dance floor. Manali drags Pankaj away and indicates to eashwaran that he too should dance with Yamini so that Avinash and Meenakshi are left alone at the table. The warring couple get into one more tiff. Divya Sinha makes a surprise entry, much to Ruby's discomfort. A drunken Divya mistakes Avinash and Meenakshi to be the 'made-for-each-other' couple and crowns them. She drags them onto the dance floor. Manali and Eashwaran are very happy, Manav gnashes his teeth. Avi and Meenu have no recourse but to dance in each other's arms. Just then Varun comes there and tells Avi that Rita is waiting for her dress. Avi rushes away and finds the dress hidden by his mother. He takes the dress to Rita's cabin. Even as he is handing the dress to Rita, the ship hoots and a startled Rita falls into Avi's arms. Meenakshi who has been sent by Eashwaran to fetch him pills comes by Rita in Avi's arms. She ticks them off to behave properly and not make a public display of their emotions in the corridor. Avi leaves in a huff while Meenu storms away. Rohan-Abbas is a witness to this encounter and pass on the gossip to Manav. He distorts the news and scandalize Nitin Shilpa who go and spill the beans to Yamini and Eashwaran. Eashwaran is very upset about this Rita-Avi affair and he has a showdown with Manali. Manali promises that he has heard it all wrong and that her son is a very decent guy. But all this is shattered when both Manali and Eashwaran see Avinash coming out of Rita's room after making a call, which they misinterpret. Rita is thrilled to see Manali's anger. Manali tries to talk to Avi, but he is in his own mood - he wants to meet DC when the ship docks in Singapore. Manali comes upto the deck where Ruby is making announcement abou the Singapore stopover. She sees Manav trying to get closer to Meenu and to separate them, throws Ruby's file down. She asks Manav to gather the papers and send Meenu to look for help. Meenu asks Varun to help and even as they are about to go, Rita comes there and orders Varun to deliver a letter to Avinash. After Rita leaves, Varun throws the letter away which falls on Eashwaran. Eashwaran reads Rita's love note to Avi and is very upset.

Episode 5

Eashwaran is getting sozzled and moaning away about the Rita-Avi affair when Pankaj comes there. A hilarious encounter between the father ensues when Pankaj tells him that Avinash is pip-squeak lad who doesn't even look at girls and that despite many attempts by Rita, Avi is a thorough gentleman. A happy and relieved Eashwaran leaves with Pankaj just as Meenu reaches there. The waiter hands over Meenu the letter which Eashwaran left behind. Menu storms to the café where Avi is sitting and throws the letter at him. She accuses him of trying to pretend that nothing is on between him and Rita. She also implies that he is using the fashion editor Rita as a success ladder for his own gains. An angry Avi tells Meenu that he has no time for such affairs and that he is on the ship only because he wantd to meet the famous business tycoon DC who was also supposed to be on board. He shouts at Meenu for being suspicious and petty minded. Manali meets a tearful Meenu and realizes that she is crying because Avi shouted at her, though Meenu says it is no Avi's fault. Manali ticks off Avi and demands an explanation. Avi storms off the ship, leaving behind a very flustered Manali. Manav tries to sweet-talk Meenu into going around with him in Singapore, which Eashwaran puts down firmly. Ruby kindly offer Rohan-Abbas that they can come with her on the Singapore tour, though they are penniless. Manali is a little relieved when Pankaj tells her that Avi has not left the ship in anger, but has actually gone top meet abusinss tycoon named DC. Manali tries to find a clue when Rita comes there are tries to also snoop about Avi's whereabouts. Rita challenges her that she will get to Avi before Manali can. Rita orders Varun to follow Manali and find out where she is headed. Everyone comes out of the ship in Singapore. Rohan-Abbas try to make a call to Sheetal, but can't get through. Manali, followed by Varun, tries to look in the directory for DCs address. She is stumped when she sees more than 5 DCs listed there. How will she find the DC whom Avinash has gone to meet?

Episode 6

Manali searches through the Singapore telephone directory and finds about 4-5 DCs listed there. She notes them down and hurries away with Varun following her. Nitin and Shilpa miss the tour bus and pile on for a ride with Divya. They follow her to the Tiger Balm garden where Divya's first film was shot. Pankaj is upset that he missed the bus, but Manali pacifies him saying she will take him to meet the group. Instead she takes him to Chinatown and Nanson road in search of DC. She encounters a wrong DC - a burly rude man who shoos her away and almost punches Varun who is following. Rest of the gang have a great time on the Duck Boat tour where Manav flirts with Minakshi much to Eashwaran's irritation and Yamini's delight. Manali gives Pankaj the slip and accidentally encounters Eashwaran who is searching for her. Eashwaran knows a certain DC who is a big business tycoon. Manali is ecstatic and thanks Eashwaran sweetly much to the anger of Ruby who spots them. Varun excitedly breaks the news to Rita that the person Avinash has gone to meet is none other than DC - Dinesh Chanderia. Rita and Manali set out on a race to reach DC's office first. Avinash is refused an appointment with DC and as he comes out disappointed, he is grabbed by Manali who reaches him first. She takes Avinash away and Rita is left fuming. Rita vows to get even.

Episode 7

Recap episode -
Mrs.Manali Mehrotra is very keen to get her son Avinash married to Minakshi, Mr.Eashwaran Pillai's daughter. A tarot card reader predicts that the boy and girl can fall in love only where water and iron are compatible - a luxury cruiseliner. Manali and Eashwaran conspire and take their families on a holiday aboard the ship. At the predicted time, the 'cosmic moment' does happen - Minakshi falls into Avinash's arms. Manali and Eashwaran are delighted, but soon the moment ends, Minakshi and Avinash look at each other and start fighting. They had an earlier encounter which has put them at loggerheads. Avinash thinks she is too hotheaded and opinionated and Minakshi thinks he is too arrogant and has no value for art & culture. Manali and Eashwaran try to bring them together, but every meeting of Aviansh and Minakshi ends in a bitter fight. To make matters worse, Rita, a sexy editor onboard, is more interested in Avinash than her news story and is hell bent on hooking him. She tries every stunt - from dropping a scarf to falling into his arms. Manali tries to checkmate Rita everytime which leads to interesting battles between them. A handsome Malayali casanova Manav Menon is extremely interested in Minakshi and tries to follow her everywhere. Eashwaran is very bugged by Manav who he considers a rogue. Minakshi's mother Yamini takes a liking for this malayali boy and a dislike for Avinash who she thinks is too forward. Ruby, the cruise tour manager is constantly pestered by Rohan and Abbas, the director-choreographer duo who are penniless because their financer Sheetal has not boarded the ship. Ruby plays mother to them and gives them small odds and ends jobs which they goof up thoroughly. A rather sexy letter written by Rita to Avinash falls into Minakshi hands and she insults Avinash. Avinash gets very angry and says that he is on the ship not to flirt around, but to meet a business tycoon DC who has not boarded the ship. When the ship docks for a stop-over in Singapore, Avinash rushes away, leaving behind a puzzled Manali. Both Rita and Manali try to find out whom Avinash has gone to meet. Pankaj tells Manali that Avinash has gone to meet DC; Manali rushes in search of DC. Rita orders Varun to follow Manali. Even as the rest of the group have a fun outing in Singapore - at the Tiger Balm Garden, Duck Boat tour, China Town, etc, Manali is on a hunt to find DC. Finally Eashwaran tells her that DC is Dinesh Chanderia. Varun excitedly breaks the news to Rita that the person Avinash has gone to meet is none other than DC - Dinesh Chanderia. Rita and Manali set out on a race to reach DCs office first. Avinash is refused an appointment with DC and as he comes out disappointed, he is grabbed by Manali who reaches him first. She takes Avinash away and Rita is left fuming. Rita vows to get even.

Episode 8

All are enjoying a tour of Chinatown as Manali reaches there with Avinash. Minakshi is happy to see Avinash which upsets Manav. Ruby announces that their next stop-over is a Chinese Temple where one can make a wish and find out whether it will come true or not. Manali and Eashwaran force Avinash and Minakshi to make wishes. When they check the results, Minakshi exclaims that her prediction is positive. She had wished that the person whom she had hurt will forgive her, meaning Avinash. Avinash also gets a positive answer to his wish. He had asked whether he will soon meet the person who he is eager to meet. Manali hopefully asks who the person is even as Minakshi blushes. But Avinash says - 'DC'. Minakshi is hurt. Avinash announces that he will treat everyone on a Chinese Boat Cruise. Even as all are excitedly boarding the Chinese Boat, Rita comes there and whispers something into Avinash's ears. She leads Aviansh away. Manali is angry, Minakshi is hurt. Nevertheless everyone has a rocking dance party on top of the Chinese boat. In the taxi, Rita tells Avinash that she is taking him to meet DC at a hotel. DC has an encounter with a drunken Divya who falls into his arms, but angrily snaps at him. Rita and Avinash reach the hotel to find DC has already left. Next morning Avinash is watching Minakshi happily splashing on the breach when Rita approaches him. Manali blocks her way and tells her that Avinash now has eyes only for Minakshi. Avinash tries to talk to Minakshi, but she angrily snubs him for ditching her and the group last night at the Chinese boat party. Ruby announces that the group has some time for shopping now. Rita grabs Avinash reminding him that he had promised to spend the day with her. She leads him away. Eashwaran is dumbfounded; Manali is angry.

Episode 9

Rohan and Abbas, short of money, joke about stealing. Nitin tells them that security in Singapore malls is very tight. Rita overhears this and sweet-talks Minakshi into going shopping with her and Avinash. Avi is surprised when Meenakshi agrees. Manali is extremely suspicious and alerts Eashwarn too. Nitin, Shilpa, Rohan, Abbas, the Pillai's and the Mehrotras have different experiences shopping in Asia's largest shopping mall - Suntech City mall. Eashwaran reads in the newspaper that the Malaysian police is looking for a swindler - Appu Kurein. He tells Yamini that this swindler's face resembles Manav, but Yamini pooh-paah's such thoughts. Manav tries to buy a gift for Minakshi, and presents his credit card - it is of Appu Kurien! When the card doesn't work, he uses another card - Manav Menon. Manav is established as a swindler and fraud. Rita takes Avi and Minu to a curio shop and while Minu is busy looking around, slips an expensive jade statuette into Minu's bag. As they exit, Minu is caught. She tries to explain that she didn't steal the statuette, but the security threatens to arrest her. Avinash takes the blame upon himself and saves Minu. Even as Avinash is consoling a tearful Minu, Manav reaches there. Rita asks Manav to reach Minu to the hotel. When Avi offers to escort Minu, Rita reminds him that he has to stay with her since an appointment with DC might come by any time. Avi and Minu part ways moodily. At the hotel, Manav tries to slip the gift he brought into Minu's bag. Minu gets very upset and ticks off Manav.

Episode 10

The Pillai's and Mehrotra's reach the hotel and find Minu in a dazed state. Pankaj checks her and says she just needs an outing to relax her. Ruby announces the next stop-over : Jurong Bird Park. Divya receives flowers from an unknown admirer and is rather surprised that how does anyone know that she likes flowers. Varun bribes the delivery man to find out who sent the flowers to Divya. The man blurts out - DC. Rita receives this news from Varun and tells Avinash to proceed to Jurong Bird Park since she has some important work. Reaching the hotel, she calls up DC and tells him that Divya is a very close friend of hers and that they are together on Superstar Virgo. She seeks an appointment with DC. At the Jurong Bird Park, all enjoy the bird show and when the compeer asks whether anybody want to send a message through the bird, Manav offers a note to be sent to Minu. The bird flies, takes the note and accidentally delivers it to Avinash. Avinash reads the note which says, 'To the most beautiful girl Minu… I love you'. All are stunned. Minu, upset, rushes away. Manav tries to apologize to her. In a monorail ride through the park, Minu and Avi are alone in a compartment. They patch up, friendship begins. But just then Avi gets a call from Rita asking him to meet her immediately - she has got him an appointment with DC to make his presentation. But it turns out to be a fiasco because Avi cannot his find his presentation CD. DC leaves. Back on the ship, Minu meets a very disappointed Avi who tells her about the presentation fiasco. Even as Minu returns Avi's coat, the CD falls out of it. In disgust, Avi throws it into a dustbin. Ruby requests Divya to change her suite since she has a VIP guest on board. Divya, angry refuses and wonders who is this VIP who is more imporant than her! Continued...

Synopsis Episodes 11- 39 >> Click here

Sachin Verma
Sachin Verma

Sampada Vaze
Sampada Vaze

Arun Govil
Arun Govil

Neelu Kohli
Neelu Kohli

Nishigandha Wad
Nishigandha Wad

Iklaq Khan
Ikhlaq Khan

Anang Desai
Anang Desai

Achint Kaur
Achint Kaur

Kamini Khanna
Kamini Khanna

Sherrin Verghese
Sherrin Verghese

Preeti Pundir
Preeti Pundir

Abhay Vaidya
Abhay Vaidya

Aanchal Sazena
Aanchal Saxena

Mehul Kumar
Mehul Nissar

Pubali Sanyal

Kuldip Ruhil

Palash Dutta

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